SweLoc Text AB is a privately owned limited liability company primarily serving corporate clients


The company was founded in 2010. Since then, sales have grown by more than a factor of three. We now have three employees, along with a tight network of freelance translators and language experts. We have chosen to specialize in translation and localization to Swedish, primarily from source texts in English. However, upon request, we also provide translation to Swedish from the following languages: German, French, Spanish, Danish and Norwegian.


Yvonne Blomberg, yvonne.blomberg@sweloc.se
Owner, 25 years experience in the field

Hanna Ådin, hanna.adin@sweloc.se
Copy editor and translator, previously working as a journalist

Emmie Gavelin, emmie.gavelin@sweloc.se
Project administrator and translator


We use the latest technology solutions for translation (tools and software). They provide valuable assistance to translators and reviewers, but are never intended as a replacement.

Standards and GDPR

We adhere to the following standard on translation services: SS-EN 15038:2006. It means, for example, that each translator must be qualified for the task, that all texts are reviewed by another person and that we have a system for traceability and monitoring. We follow our GDPR policy, which could be sent on request.

Language is our specialty

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