SweLoc Text AB is a family business, offering consulting services related to text creation and editing. 

In all writing there is both a hard and a soft side to consider. With these photos from our hometown Täby near Stockholm, we want to show it is a matter of both structure and harmony. Photographer: Göran Blomberg

Yvonne Blomberg

has worked with translation and localization in different roles for 30 years, and from 2010 at SweLoc. Her focus is on reviews and assessments, including machine translated and AI generated content, but translations from English and German to Swedish are handled in smaller extent.

Contact: yvonne.blomberg@sweloc.se

Göran Blomberg

studied political science and after a long career at the Ministry of Culture and in governmental commissions of inquiry, he has continued working as a consultant with analyses and written reports for stakeholders in culture and media. His latest assignment was an analysis of the literary field within a Swedish county.

Contact: goran.blomberg@sweloc.se